The World Agility Forum (“WAF”) Council is the final arbitrator of the rules. Regarding recognition awards, the decisions of the WAF Jury are final – there shall not be any further correspondence or discussion. The World Agility Forum have a yearly juri and council. The Chairman have the right to veto if, the principles and values or any kind of inappropriate behaviour, attitudes, or if the good name of the event is jeopardized by any association of malicious intents. The chairman focus on the code of conduct, terms and conditions, and council members approval. All nominees and attendees have the right to expose any questions or contact the chairman through the email – There shall not be any further discussion about the council and chairman decisions. Any sale or transfer of a WAF award, e.g. the plaques, is subject to a right of first refusal. Upon receiving notification of an intended sale or other transfer, the WAF may within 60 days exercise its right to purchase the plaque or other physical prize for €10 (Ten Euros). The nomination process is free of charge for this year – 2020.