Team Agility

Organization that has embraced small, self-organized teams to realize customer value.

Customer Service Leader

Organization that has embraced customer-centricity to realize new opportunities.

Enabling Organization

Organization that has accelerated the flow of information throughout the organization to better recognize and react to changing markets.

Overall Transformational Initiative

Organization that has visibly transformed itself at all levels through the application of the Agile mindset.

Community Organization

Organization that is making a difference beyond its own borders, in its community, its country or the world.

Design and Creative Agility

Organization that has embraced agility in the creation of visual other creative products, e.g. fashion, music, entertainment.

Agile Great Place to Work

Organization that is driven by Agile values and principles and their purpose is an authentic customer-obsession

Leadership Agility

Individual in a senior leadership role who has embraced the Agile mindset and lead by example in his or her organization.

Lifetime Agility*

Individual whose life’s work has contributed to the development of Agility within or beyond its roots in the  software development community. (* this specific award is only defined and chosen by the council of the World Agility Forum).


A nomination will only be considered valid when the following criteria are met:

1. The nominee must be an organization or individual as appropriate for the category

2. The basis for the nominations must demonstrate progress between January 2018 and December 2019

3. The WAF Council may invite people or organizations to nominate themselves, without guarantee or prejudice

4. Nominees must complete the nomination form and include all relevant information for validation and confirmation

5. The nominee’s validation for their claim to agility can be through the Agile Manifesto, the Three Laws of Agile, the Heart of Agile, the Scrum values and principles or other widely accepted definition of Agility

6. The nominee must send:

1. A 4-5 pages case study and/or a small 2-3 min video that includes an explanation of their path to agility, with written references

2. Define your product or service with NABC. NABC means Need - Approach - Benefits per cost, and Competition

3. It must depict the value and benefits obtained by becoming more Agile and how it resonates with the Agile Manifesto

The World Agility Forum is an event to celebrate and showcase genuine agility around the world. It is not an event for agile or management consultancy companies to promote their successes. Consulting companies may apply if they are showcasing an internal transformation or community service. Other exceptions may be approved by the WAF Council.

Validation and Confirmation

The nominees recognized at the event will be selected by the World Agility Forum (WAF) Jury for each category. The Jury may recognize more than one nomination or may choose not to recognize any nomination. The Jury will validate the information in the nominee form and consolidate it with other complementary documentation. The nominee (or point of contact) will be contacted within the following 30 days to ensure completeness of information before proceeding to the next steps. Nominations that do not qualify will be notified. The process and criteria used to validate all nominations will be consistent across all participating organisations and individuals. Selection will be based on:

  • The information provided with the nomination (including any answers to additional clarifications requested)
  • The case study and/or video explaining their motivation and story. This must include written references, explanation of their path to agility, and the value and benefits that the organization or individual obtained by becoming more Agile.

What is required from a nominee for this event?

  1. Submit the candidate nominee form providing relevant organizational, initiative, and contact information
  2. Prepare a case study (4-5 pages) and/or 2-3 minute video explaining the motivation for this recognition and your path/journey towards Agility (Define your product or service with NABC. NABC means Need - Approach - Benefits per cost, and Competition)
  3. If you are successful in your nomination:
    1. If attending the event – prepare a speech of 5 min. maximum
    2. If not attending the event – prepare a 3 min. video that we can share with the audience

What is the recognition about?

The World Agility Forum aims to recognize organizations and individuals worldwide for their effort, commitment and dedication to the path of achieving agility (or perhaps something even better).

What is expected out of the requested video?

We want you to provide a brief introduction to your motivation in reaching towards agility and share some details of your story (e.g., challenges, and successes, outcome, part of the organization/number of people involved, etc.) The video should be no longer than 3 min. and either be in English or have English subtitles.

Why are you invited to apply for this recognition?

The journey towards agility has been (and still is) a big challenge for most organizations and very few have been to persist, benefit, and be successful. Someone believes your organizations has something outstanding and deserving of international recognition.

What other organizations are also invited?

There are organizations as candidate nominees from all over the world (Europe, America, Asia, Africa). We cannot disclose who they are until later in the process.

Can you provide more details about the World Agility Forum event?

The World Agility Forum event will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Starting with talks and panels from industry leaders, we follow with. a formal gala dinner in which the recognitions will be presented. Many well-known thought-leaders in the industry will be in attendance.

I have supporting documents for my nomination, how do I send those across?

You can send it via email with the subject <WAF | organization name | initiative name> to


What do you get by participating? What you get if you win? In both cases, credibility for your organization, recognition from your peers, and visibility on a world stage. Having your nomination accepted or receiving an award is first and foremost a recognition of the great work you have been doing. You will be invited to participate in the Gala celebration dinner to participate in the awards ceremony, networking events and photo opportunities. You get to call yourself “World Agility Forum Nominee™” in your category and year if your nomination is accepted, and “World Agility Forum Winner™” in your category and year if you win. As an award winner, you will be invited to speak at the following year’s Experience Agile event. Last, but not least, award winners and nominees receive an attractive, commemorative plaque that recognizes their achievement.

We have a strong ethics statement to avoid conflict of interest that all Jury members must sign and agree to. It is expected that a Jury member will recuse themselves if there is any conflict of interest (personal or professional). The President of the Jury is a member of the WAF council, organizes the jury, but does not normally vote. Only if the Jury cannot reach a consensus will the President of the Jury casts the deciding vote. If the President of the Jury has to recuse themselves, the Chairman of the WAF council casts the deciding vote.

Jury members are recognized, authentic leaders of the agile communities they represent. The WAF strives for diversity of viewpoint, geography and gender when selecting the members of the Jury.

Last Year Nominations

How many organizations applied?

28 Organizations

Why those firms received the awards?

These organizations are aligned with the mindset, values, principles and demonstrate the maturity to apply them., unlike “the gap between aspiration and reality has led to a vast number of managers, consultants, and coaches claiming to be agile and offering to help firms become agile. Quite a few firms also have CEOs who are asking, “Why aren’t we agile?” - Steve Denning

What issues were encountered?

  • Organizations/Managers that tried to sell their transformation
  • Senior Consultants that tried to nominate their work through the name of their customer